Consumer Electronics Company:
Never misses a delivery, offers exceptional communication via phone, fax and email, provides on-site design services, and carries custom inventory to keep our facility efficient.  Although not the only packaging supplier in the building, they are by far the best . . . .  
Bob C, Manager
Healthcare Products Distributor:
Our salesperson from Conpac Group seems to have only (1) customer . . . US.  The level of attention to our company is amazing.  We have a standard visit every 2-weeks where he takes inventory of our products, then makes a purchase recommendation to management.  While in the building, he sees areas of opportunity for us to improve our methods and use of materials, ultimately saving us a lot of money. 
Rob P, Manager  
Commercial Bakery:
I have worked with Conpac Group since 1998, and during that time our company has doubled in size.  Conpac Group offers our company easy access to the daily changing needs of our packaging department, while also carrying custom carton inventory that we don’ t have room for.  As a supplier, Conpac Group exceeds our expectations, and has earned our respect as a valued partner. 


Kenny M, Owner