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If your company spends over $10,000 per year on shipping and packaging supplies, you need to speak with our expert.  
So many opportunities exist to reduce your costs, and we know how and where to find those dollars:


We had no idea we could save over $20,000/year by changing our box sizes, and evaluating our void-fill.   We looked at sizes that were similar in the stock-offering we have been buying, made adjustments, and bought larger volumes of 'custom' sizes.   I would have thought a 'stock box' was less expensive, but learned about efficient manufacturning, Hold For Release (HFR) programs through Conpac Group, and ultimately saved time and money.   We packaged all of our products with a very inexpensive 'end roll' newsprint.   The rolls were so cheap, we couldn't imagine anything costing less.   Through cost analysis, we realized the rolls were cheap, but we put a LOT of paper in the box, increasing weight, and costing us much more in UPS than the proposed 'airbag' solution from Conpac Group.   Now we're looking at automation equipment, and it seems there is always another area of opportunity we can look at.   Our relationship has become a partnership.
Rob P, Waukegan, IL
I had a phone consultation with Don.   He seemed knowledgeable, and not pushy.   I suggested he quote me on ALL of our packaging, but he wasn't interested in giving me a price.   Don offered to evaluate our processes, materials and bottom line costs.   He talked about labor, freight, costs of storage, cash flow, and started to open my eyes to the 'real' costs of buying packaging. Don visited, observed, and took notes.   It's been a longer process than I would have thought, but the results speak volumes.   Our annual spend with Conpac Group is over $ 500,000, and growing. 
Christine R , Bolingbrook, IL
Learn how companies make intelligent shipping and packing decisions and save thousands of dollars. Contact Don directly at 877-493-2667 to start the process.

Don Esbjornson, Conpac

Who Is Don?

Don Esbjornson has worked in the Shipping and Packaging Industry for 25-years, the last 20-years as President of Conpac Group, Inc.  
"I work with every level of the company, and enjoy the interaction from CEO' s, Owners, General Managers, Shipping Managers, Supervisors, Packers and Machine Operators".